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01.    LAND Meets SEA - HAVN AW23

HAVN is Danish for Harbour. A harbour is a border between land and sea, a place where goods, cultures, ideas and stories are exchanged.

Land Meets Sea was recently made the shortlist in the ‘best fashion film’ category at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival.
The AW23 editorial explores HAVN’s story and location. Shot on the rugged yet beautiful Mornington Peninsula, ‘Land meets Sea’, directed by Riley Hart, ignites a sense of wonder, solace and peace in the ever-changing environment.

A Film I had been dreaming of shooting for many years. Some of my favourite clothes and collaborators in locations from my childhood.

02.    SMALL (2022) DIR. Sarah Hegge-Taylor

In the 19th century and a strange wilderness, Mary has struggled against the plan for her life that her older brother and father hold for her. As smallpox strikes, Mary’s choice lies between accepting this narrow prospect and following a dangerous path beyond the home.

Small is currently on the festival circuit having premiered on the Melbourne International film festival player. 

Huge thanks to my camera dept (1st AC Matthew Ong & Gaffer Hamish Rayner) and colourist Sam McCarthy at Crayon in Melbourne.

03.    Deux âmes (2024) DIR. Sam Wong

'Deux âmes' is a short film about the French dancing duo and twin brothers Ismael and Mehdi Bah. 

The film explores the profound connection the two share between brotherhood, life, and dance. Through a combination of expressive movements and poetic words, Ismael Bah's poetry beautifully captures the essence of their bond. Directed by Sam Wong and lensed by DOP Riley Hart, the film takes us on a visual journey across the enchanting city of Paris, capturing its quiet and blue hours.

04.    PRADA ‘The Art of Travel’ DIR. PJ LAM

A film for PRADA featuring ambaasador Bai Yufan as he disocvers Milan

This film was part of the Milan Fashion Week AW24 collection.

05.    Napalm Roses (2022) DIR. Jyoti Dobson

Determined 22-year-old Kaia and her best friend Lu seek to establish themselves as aspiring musicians, desiring to find their tribe and a sense of belonging in the process. However, their conditions don’t serve them and they long for more. Kaia and Lu endure yet another unsuccessful performance, enigmatic rockstar Earl invites them to the ‘Outlaw Paradise’ with the promise of performing and a community of people just like them. Thus begins our story of self-discovery and the beauty of platonic love as Kaia and Lu are lured into a labyrinthine ranch where a deceptively charismatic Earl and his commune of alienated youth reside. Things are not what they appear to be and Kaia and Lu must stay true to themselves and each other to avoid becoming entrapped in a world of lost souls.

Napalm Roses is currently on the festival circuit having premiered on the Melbourne International film festival player. 

Cowboy shit.

06.    Rule of Three (2023) DIR. Miniva Nancarrow

Nearing the end of her aviation degree Nic becomes scared of flying, whilst her relationship with her partner Helena grows more confusing.

07.    Pedalling Beyond with Malachi Moxon | BEYONDISM

Known to many in the Melbourne cycling scene, Malachi Moxon has lived many lives–all with one common denominator, cycling. Whether it’s racing A-Grade crits in his 50s (and being competitive!), commuting on the Brompton or exploring the local trails, Malachi’s love for cycling is infectious. His connection with fashion, art, and design seamlessly intertwines with his cycling lifestyle, and Riley Hart sat down with him to chat about his ‘why’.
My favourite episode from an ongoing series with cycling apparel company Pedla.

Mal is an incredibly captivating character with a life philosophy I think we can all draw inspiration from. 

Reconeccting with my roots through making films in the cycling world has been an incredibly rewarding experience, this is the film that set that in motion.

08.    Escape To...

An 8 episode epic I shot with hosts Lizzy Hoo and Tyson Mayr across Australia, Asia and Europe. 

Highlights include helicoptor tours in the Kimberly desert in Western Australia and a superyacht in the Mediterranean.
All 8 Episodes available to watch on the Escape website !

Riley Hart
Filmmaker / Photographer

Based in Paris & Melbourne